Thursday, September 15, 2011

Phuket Town Market

We go to Phuket once every two years or so. On one of our previous trips, we befriended a local taxi driver called "Rid" (His real name is too hard to say or write.) Now, whenever we are there we use him. There is no public transport and  our resort is very far from Patong and Phuket. It's takes about an hour to Phuket and even more to Patong.

The beauty with Rid is that apart from a taxi driver he is also a tourist guide. Today he said he would take us to the Phuket weekend market. The stalls there sell clothing, trinkets and lots of food.

While I consider myself quite adventurous when it comes to food, I decided not to eat any of the food in the market except for some roasted chestnuts. 

 Fried crickets and grasshoppers. I don't think adding some herbs to them made any difference.

 This is some sort of preserved fruits.

 Grilled mackerel type fish. 60 baht is about A$2. 

 Grilled Squid. The squids must have been very large to make such big cubes.

 Fried fish.

 Salted fish stuffed with what appears to be roe. The roe could have been from the fish itself but they look too abundant to be from the fish.

 Prepared dishes ready to be picked by customers.

Two brave tourist trying out the food. I heard one of them say "I want to try everything."

Pork soup with bean curd.

 Sushi. I notice the Thais love japanese food especially sushi. 

Fried noodles.

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