Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ipoh Garden Myaree - February 2011

This restaurant has been uprooted from Ipoh Garden in Ipoh to Perth. There are two "Ipoh Gardens" in Perth. Personally I prefer the one in Myaree.

This dinner is another Chinese New Year family reunion. This restaurant was one of the few that did not have a banquet. We ordered from the menu. This was a truly Malaysian Chinese New Year dinner.

 Yee Sang was not on the menu but the restaurant allowed us to bring our own.

 Beef rendang.

 Chicken Curry.

 Fried Rice. This dish was not very good. You can tell from the looks of it. Fried rice should have that "burnt" smell. This did not.

 Inche Kabin. This is a truly Penang Nyonya dish. Chicken marinated in spices and coconut milk. Then deep fried. Simply delicious.

 If a dish is delicious, it deserves two photos.

Ipoh Hor Fun. This is actually the signature dish of the restaurant. This dish is also what Ipoh is famous for.

 Peking spare ribs.

 Stir fried vegetables.

 For dessert we adjourned to my brother in laws house which was nearby for some cream caramel. This was made by his wife.

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