Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mez Greek Restaurant - Northbridge

I have been hearing good things about this restaurant. You can either order a la carte or choose a all inclusive meal. You can have a choice of just meat or meat and seafood for the all inclusive. You are served starters, the main course and dessert. You can have as much as you can eat. If you finish what you are served, they will bring some more. It's $55 a head for the seafood meal.

 Starters. It's like antipasto.

I liked most of what's here.

 I think this is the first time I have had so much Greek food.

 Nice sausage. I had quite a bit of this.

Some sort or rice wrapped in olive leaves.

The grilled seafood.

 Let me guess... hmm Greek salad?

 There were a lot of tender grilled meats.

Grilled meats taken without flash. They still taste the same.

Berry Farm - Margaret River

The berry farm makes jams, preserves, sauces, wines and ports. It is a 20 minutes drive from Margaret River.


 Ports and wines.

 If you ever wondered what an avocado tree looks like..

We had morning tea with jam and scones in the restaurant.

The Margaret River Chocolate Factory

The Margaret River chocloate factory make all sorts of cakes, chocolates, sweets and ice cream. Now I know how Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory felt!




 Free sample chocolate. There was milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

The varieties of chocolates.

They look so tempting.

Ice cream.

Margaret's Restaurant - Australis Resort Margaret River

Margaret River is a town about 3 hours drive south of Perth. The area is well known for its vineyards, fresh produce and beaches. If you are there I advise that you book well ahead of time for dinner. Firstly, there aren't that many restaurants there and secondly they tend to close quite early.

We decided for convenience sake to dine in the restaurant at our resort. Well I think the word resort is stretching it a bit. The place is more like a two star motel.

The restaurant itself is quite plain but the food is surprising very good and reasonable. The steak and the lamb shank is $21. In Perth, it would easily be around $35 to $40.

It was a bittersweet dinner though. We waited one hour and forty minutes to get our food. At the end of the night the waitress did apologise. She said that one of the two chefs did not show up. She offered us a free round of coffee.

 Pumpkin soup. It was bland. i think the chef forgot to add salt.

 Fish and chips (again!) We had that for lunch.

 The steak was a good size, tender and tasty.

 Someone in our group was yearning for some rice and curry. This is beef curry.


 The lamb shank was very tender and virtually fell off the bone. The problem was the portion control. One of us had a huge serve and another had barely any meat on his one shank.

This serve has only one shank :(

The Goose - Busselton Jetty - July 2011

When I asked a friend where to have lunch in Busselton, he suggested " The Goose" which is located just before the start of the Busselton Jetty. It has a spectacular view of the jetty. The food is fresh and good. It is a bit pricey though.

The jetty is 2km long each way. We walked to the end and back. By that time we were good and ready for lunch.

 The Goose restaurant Busselton.

 View of The Goose from the jetty.

 I started lunch with a flat white. It is quite common for Asians to have coffee before or during a meal.

 Some nice bread to start.

Hamburger, with hand made chips!

 Tasting Plate.

Damper style bread and olive oil.

Fish and chips. The chips there were also hand made.

 Cajun chicken.

Seafood tasting plate.

Sherbet Bake Shop and Cafe

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Sherbet Cake Shop and Cafe

My wife found out about this place in Maylands. It is a quaint little shop with a few small tables. It probably does more takeaway business. Its cup cake and banana bread are the standouts.

 Cupcakes in various poses. The pink one is vanilla raspberry, the other 2 are called vanilla espresso, I recommend the espresso one.

The chocolate banana bread is best served with a dash of butter. I recommend this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunch at the Siam Cafe - Marriott Beach Resort - Mai Khao

The Siam Cafe is a casual restaurant inside the Marriott Resort. It sells Asian and Western cuisine together with pastries and breads. The place is perfect for a quick light lunch before you head for the pool or beach or a massage by the beach.

Dim Sum.

 Beef noodle soup.

 Pad Thai.

Hot dog. See? A bit of everything.

Breakfast and Dinner - The Coffee Club - Turtle Centre Mai Khao Beach (Phuket)

Coffee Club has made it all the way to Phuket. Not only to Phuket but to the quite secluded Mai Khao beach. The beauty of the Coffee Club is that while other restaurants in the area are quite pricey, the Coffee Club prices are the same here as elsewhere in Phuket.

Today we felt like staying in the resort so we had breakfast and dinner at the Coffee Club. Two years ago the food at this place was quite good. This time, it was a bit below average. I think quality of food has a lot to do with the chef. This chef is probably a different one to the one two years ago.

 Cappuccino to start the morning.

Hot chocolate.

Egg Florentine. It looks okay but the sauce is not up to scratch.

 The rice mince pork porridge is watery and quite tasteless.

 Check out the measly sauteed mushroom.

BLT sandwich.

 Flat white for after dinner.

Fried rice.