Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mak's Noodle, 77 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Before we left for a holiday in Hong Kong, my sister told me about Mak's Noodle (Ah Mak's.) It's so well known it is featured on Wikipedia.

Mak's Noodles on Wikipedia
Google "Mak's Noodle Hong Kong" and you will get 44,500 hits.

Since our whole family loves noodles, this was the first place we hit once we got to Hong Kong. We took a cab there since it was our first night and we hadn't gotten our bearings. The taxi driver said he knew the place but didn't seem very sure once we were on Wellington Street. He dropped us near the end of the street and asked us to walk up a hill on the side road and we would be there. He sent us on a hilly walk and a wild goose chase. We came back down then walk down Wellington street and found the place.

As you would expect, the place is not flash and the seating is a tad crowded. However the noodles were magnificent. We loved the wonton noodle, the beef brisket noodle and the sui kau. Be warned though, the serving is tiny. I had three bowls and a plate of vegetables. I still wasn't full.

A bowl of wonton noodle is $HK30 (A$4). The beef brisket is more.

 Beef Brisket Noodles. The meat was tender and the soup tasty. The noodles were springy.
 Yau Chow. Kailan with oyster sauce.
 Wonton noodle.
Wonton noodles showing the wontons.
The place is a bit crowded but I like the atmosphere.


CurryMee said...

Mak's place was also in my 'top restaurant' to visit when in HK; so was Yung Kee and a few other places we missed out. Well, another time I guess. Great pics!


Michelle said...

Mm yum the noodles were delicious. Nice post, very descriptive and nice photos, looks professional.


Lrong said...

Shall keep this shop in mind the next time I go to HK... looks good...

CurryMee said...

Thanks Michelle


We found another Mak's in Causeway Bay. The noodle was equally good as was the porridge with century egg and shredded pork (pei tan sau yuk cheok.)

Fiona said...

Does anybody knows what time do they open in the morning?

CurryMee said...

Hi Fiona

My apologies for the late reply. Opening hours are 11am to 10pm.