Monday, January 17, 2011

Roast Duck and BBQ Pork - Hong Kong BBQ

This is my new favourite place for BBQ pork. The pork is always slightly charred on the sides which I love. The meat is red and glistening. The roast duck is good as well, The skin is crispy and the meat is juicy. It is not one of the cheaper places but it is certainly one of the best.

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Roast Duck. You may notice the BBQ pork at the bottom.

The skin is really crispy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chicken Rice from a packet

This chicken rice is prepared using chicken rice ingredients from a packet. The brand is quite famous. It's called "Prima Paste" and you can see the packet displayed and sold in chicken rice stalls. 

It's fairly simple to prepare.

I boiled the chicken in water and the premix in the packet. Then I soak the chicken in ice water.

This chicken stand is very useful for draining chicken.

I chop the chicken up (mutilated actually) and place them on a bed of sliced cucumber.

Some Choy Sum in oyster sauce as accompaniment.

Very nice black soya sauce, ginger paste and chilli sauce from the packet.

The plated chicken rice

Another shot of plated chicken rice

Friday, January 14, 2011

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

I love to eat Vietnamese Rice Rolls as it is both delicious and very healthy. There is hardly any fat in this dish. The only ingredient that might be considered a tad unhealthy might be the hoisin sauce used for dipping. The ingredients for this dish are:

1) Vietnamese Rice Paper. You can get this in most Asian Grocery Store
2) Prawns. Boiled, peeled, cleaned and sliced in half
3) Lean pork. Boiled and sliced thinly.
4) Beans sprouts. 
5) Rice vermicelli. Boiled
6) Lettuce
Dipping Sauce
Hoisin Sauce and crushed roasted peanuts
First prepare all the ingredients. To soften the rice paper, pour warm water on a plate with raised side and quickly soak the rice paper in the warm water and then remove.

Wrap all the ingredients in the rice paper like you would a spring roll.

The finished rice rolls

Ingredients for Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

If you don't want to use pork you can substitute with your pet rabbit. LOL. Just pulling my daughter's leg.

Rice paper comes in dry form and is inexpensive. A$2.20 per stack.

Some of the ingredients. Rice paper, pork, prawns and peanuts.

Monday, January 10, 2011

South Sea Chinese Restaurant - New Year's Eve 2010

The Fitzerald Restaurant is a nice little restaurant on Fitzerald Street. Don't expect much decor as this place is a house converted into a restaurant. The dishes are surpringly good. We like it as it is away from the busy part of the city and parking is easy.

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Eight Treasure Duck. A very nice dish. The duck is boneless and filled with gingko nuts, lotus nuts, mushroom and chestnut to name a few.

Chilli lobster with fried man tou. I loved the sauce.

I thought it was a good shot of the chilli.

Crispy skin chicken. Always a favoutite

Stir fried garlic shoots

Home made todu with julliene of bamboo shoots. Home made? Served in a restaurant?

Stir fried kailan.

Steamed barramundi

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Journey Through Malaysia - November 2010

Come November 2010 and it is time for another gastronomical journey through Malaysia. This trip started in Kuala Lumpur. Then we proceeded to Teluk Intan, Kampar, Taiping, Penang, Sungei Petani, back to Teluk Intan and then Kuala Lumpur.

I didn't bring my camera this trip so these photos are from my sisters. We did not have photos of all our meals as well.Sometimes we were too engrossed with the food and at other times it wasn't polite to snap the food when we were with people we didn't know that well.

Start of Journey

I have not been to Taiping for maybe 40 years at least! Shame on me. This trip I made it a point to make a detour to the "wettest town in Malaysia" to visit my auntie and cousin. They took me to dinner at this "out of the way" restaurant. I am glad I stopped by Taiping. It was worth it to savour the food even though we had to sit through the torrential downpour before we could head to Penang.

I don't usually eat pig's trotters but this dish was delicious and there was a lot of lean and very tender meat that I could pick out of it.
Drunken prawns in Brandy? Sweet, fresh and delicious.
Marmite chicken. Always a no brainer dish.
Curry Fish. The fish was fresh and the okra was very tender.

This curry mee is at the end of the block where we used to live. I had this almost every morning while growing up in Penang. Although the original seller has retired, the curry mee is still more or less the same as his niece has taken over the business.

Macalister Road Curry Mee

We grew up across the street from the famous "Sister's Char Koeh Teow" and ate their char koeh teow once every few days for either breakfast or afternoon tea.

The famous char keoh teow is now served on paper plates. They used to be served on a clear glass plate laid with banana leaf.

We also tried the famous Or Kuih compliments of the coffee shop owner who remembered us.
Also tried the hokkien mee. No complaints there.

We had to try the famous chendol. Also tried the laksa. For a non laksa fan, it was not bad.

Penang Laksa.

The famous chendol in Penang Road.

I did not go to this place on my last few trips to Penang so I made it a point to go this trip. It was as good as I remembered even when I was still full from lunch.

Mee Goreng pendek.
Mee Goreng pendek. Gurney Drive.
Close up.
Air Manis.

It was our last night in Penang and we were lazy to go food hunting. We decided to go next door to the Gurney Shopping Centre for dinner. We decided on the "Chicken Rice Shop." The menu looked good. However the food was a real disappointment and expensive (for Penang.)

In hindsight, we should have gone out searching for a hawker centre.

The tau kwa and egg in soya sauce looked good in the menu. In reality, it was bland and very light. I had expected the egg and tau kwa to be well soaked in soy but they weren't.
The roast chicken was not crispy. The chicken rice (not shown) was bland as well.
Pai Tee. This was okay.
Curry chicken. I was not impressed.

I have read a bit about the food in Tambun and Batu Kawan. On our way home from Penang to Teluk Intan we thought we might see if we could find something good to eat in either one of these places, whichever we could find first. We had no idea how to get to Batu Kawan or Tambun. I exited the Juru exit but due to the rain and the heavy traffic we stopped at a road side restaurant called "Juru Seafood Restaurant."

I did think we were in Juru but the waitress explained that they used the name because they were from Juru but the restaurant is no where near Juru.

In any case, the food was good and the staff was really friendly.

Vegetable in garlic sauce.
Steamed Fish.
Steamed Fish.

Marmite chicken.

It is no secret I love the food in Teluk Intan. It is both good and reasonably priced. A trip to Teluk Intan would not be complete without a trip to Pau Loong restaurant.

Shark Fin Soup. Plenty of Shark Fin and tasty.

Petai in Sambal. I love it!

They call this Hae Kor. Don't really know what it is but it's delicious.

Fried Fish.

There is a stall in the Food Republic Food Court in the Pavillion Shopping Centre that sells soy products such as soya bean milk and tau hwa. You can have the soya milk hot or cold. I usually order a hot soya milk with ewe cha kuih.

Tau Hwa

The last night in Kuala Lumpur also happened to be my sister-in-law's birthday dinner. She threw a banquet at Ah Yat's Seafood restaurant in Petaling Jaya. She booked a private room which also has Karaoke facilities.

A sort of ham and vegetable dish

Suckling Pig. The skin was crispy and delicious.

End of Food Journey November 2011.