Thursday, September 15, 2011

Linda Seafood - Patong (Phuket)

Back in the 90's, I found a really good and cheap seafood restaurant in Patong. It was called "88" and I believe it was on Post Office Road. Sadly it's no longer there. Then a few years ago, I had seafood in one of the food bazaar dotting the main street in Patong. It was a tad expensive and the lobster wasn't even that fresh. It was a bit powdery.

This time, I wanted to stay away from the main tourist spots. I use google to do some research and came up with Linda's seafood. Rid, my taxi driver, did not know where it was but with some of the information I gave him which I got from the Internet, he managed to get us there.

We were greeted by a loud and friendly Chinese lady. It was the famous Linda herself. Linda recommended a few dishes for us and it turned out very well. It didn't cost very much either. I would recommend Linda's seafood for good and honest seafood.

In Phuket, you only pay for the seafood. The preparation is free and you can choose how you want them prepared. It is the same in Bali.

 Kailan and salted fish.

 Grilled large tiger prawns. Linda could have sold us the monster ones and made a killing but she told us these were just as good. 

 The calamari was fresh and the batter was crispy.

Fried whole grouper with sweet, spicy and sour sauce. 

 Linda also recommended the crispy fried tiger prawns. 

 Fried clams.

Guess who? Linda herself, who is quite a character.


Guan Chin said...

Superb pics! Makes me wanna take a flight out tomorrow to eat all that!leedle

-kraze- said...

hi owner of the blog,

i am planning on a trip to phuket, and i stumbled upon your blog post on the seafood.

would you mind pointing a bit of direction on how to get there??


i will be staying at deevana patong beach (Raj-U Thid Road), is it nearby??

CurryMee said...

Hi Kraze

Yes, it is on Rad U thid Road!

I believe somewhere opposite the Post Office.

Sbipk said...

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Anonymous said...

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