Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A food day in Teluk Intan

Days spent in Teluk Intan is all about food and eating. There isn't really much to do. Today though is my lucky day. There is an Indian festival and the entire town is filled with Indian stalls selling trinkets, saris and yes, you guessed it food.

First I have to have lunch. Today's lunch is nasi kandar. It's a description for rice and all sorts of curries and fried meats.

 This is a typical nasi kandar stall. The food is already cooked. You select the type of rice you want (plain rice or briani) and then the curries and other meats that you want.

I had korma chicken, prawn curry, fried chicken and vegetables.

 You usually eat nasi kandar with your hands. Somehow it makes the food taste nicer.

 After lunch I went looking for some durians. This stall sells 3 for Malaysia Ringgit 20. That is about $A7 which makes it A$2.35 per durian.

The durian fruit inside the thorny outer shell.

 I also had some mangoes.

And Rambutans. These were very firm and sweet. I am very spoilt when I am back home. I don't have to peel my own rambutans. My mum does it for me.

After lunch and fruits, I ventured to the Indian stalls to have a look at all the snacks on display.

 Haha. This is NOT what you think it is!

Close up, they do look better.

Snacks for sale. There are a lot of flies so the snacks are covered up. The crowd has not started.

More snacks. I bought some but they weren't as cheap as I thought they would be. Maybe it's because my camera made me look like a tourist.

Stalls after stalls of snacks.

More snacks.

I could spend an entire day here just looking at these sweets and snacks.

Okay. Last shot. Promise.

Before going home, I went to a Chinese herbalist to buy some dried longan and could not resist taking a few photos of herbs being dispensed. I don't know what these herbs are for. Probably for over eating. haha.

One man's wood trimmings is another man's medicine I guess.

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