Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinner in Kuala Lumpur - April 2011

We were back in Malaysia and more eating. First night back and it's dinner at my sister in laws. Nothing like some good home cooked Malaysian food (and fruits.)

Herbed roast chicken.

 Stir fried kailan.

Lamb curry.

 Beef Rendang.

 Home made roast pork (most Asians buy their roast pork). The skin was crispy and the pork was delicious.

Sambal Petai. Petai (Parkia speciosa), found in South East Asia is a bitter bean. It goes very well with chilli. The bean is quite bitter and it is an acquired taste.

For dessert we had some local fruit starting with Durian, the king of fruits.

We tried many varieties of durian. Here are three.

We also had mangosteen.

The fruit of the mangosteen. They are sweetish and sourish but very refreshing, The Chinese believe that eating them cools your body especially after having durians which heats you up.

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