Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breakfast and Dinner - The Coffee Club - Turtle Centre Mai Khao Beach (Phuket)

Coffee Club has made it all the way to Phuket. Not only to Phuket but to the quite secluded Mai Khao beach. The beauty of the Coffee Club is that while other restaurants in the area are quite pricey, the Coffee Club prices are the same here as elsewhere in Phuket.

Today we felt like staying in the resort so we had breakfast and dinner at the Coffee Club. Two years ago the food at this place was quite good. This time, it was a bit below average. I think quality of food has a lot to do with the chef. This chef is probably a different one to the one two years ago.

 Cappuccino to start the morning.

Hot chocolate.

Egg Florentine. It looks okay but the sauce is not up to scratch.

 The rice mince pork porridge is watery and quite tasteless.

 Check out the measly sauteed mushroom.

BLT sandwich.

 Flat white for after dinner.

Fried rice.


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