Saturday, November 24, 2007

Family Dinner at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant

Claypot Style Tofu with fish fillet (battered)

Peking Spare Ribs

Steamed Chicken

Peking Duck

This roast duck (and roast pork) place used to be called "The Roasting Duck" but has recently been renovated and turned into a full fledged restaurant.

The food was surprisingly good. A dinner for 16 cost $420 but we did order a lot more food that we could eat.

Above are a few of the dishes I managed to get photos of. The rest was either grabbed too fast by the gang or yours truly forgot to take photos as he was also too busy eating.

A dish which I did not get a photo of and worth trying is the 'Patagonian Tooth Fish' deep fried and topped with soya based sauce of some kind.

More Hokkien Mee

The colour came out much nicer this time so I thought it was worth a post. I also found that the soup is much tastier if left overnight.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chicken Chop

The previous chicken chop on this blog was prepared by my brother in law. He does it so well that I have not attempted to cook it myself. Why bother when someone can cook for you?

Well, he had to go back to Malaysia for a long holiday didn't he? So I made an attempt myself. The children said it was just as good. Maybe they said that to make me happy.

Don't ask for the recipe. "I cannot remember" (to steal a quote from my mum.) What you see on the plate is what I put in.