Monday, September 12, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 Banquet - Han Palace Perth

A Chinese banquet is a must have every Chinese New Year. Even in Perth the Chinese Restaurants capitalise on this. Most restaurants will not have a la Carte menu and only serve banquets at $499 to $999 a table, some even charge more.

This year our Chinese New Year banquet was at Han Palace, a high end Chinese Restaurant on Bennett Street, East Perth. In all honesty, we overindulged as usual. There was plenty of food left at the end of the night.

Table Setting
 Abalone and bok choy
 Braised Pork
 Chilli Lobster Singapore Style
 The must have Yee Sang. Salmon shashimi and condiments.
 A plate of served up Yee Sang... MINE!
 Crispy skin chicken.
 Fried Rice.
 Lion Dance for prosperity.
 Crab meat balls.
 Shark's fin served in an elegant bronze bowl.
 We should be boycotting shark's fin really. Well let's start after this.
 Fish cooked two ways. Steamed and fried.
Fish cooked two ways. A very delicious mixture of texture.
Mango pudding in the shape of a carp for dessert.

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