Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dinner in Shanghai

This was my first night in Shanghai. A friend took us to a nice Seafood restaurant in Pudong (near the Shanghai Expo) but in my excitement I forgot to get the name.

The seafood selection section. A staff actually stopped me from taking photos but I ignored him. It's not like I am stealing a state secret.

The Shanghai Crab seems very popular (and pricey) because they are everywhere. Believe it or not they are being sold even in the Airport Arrival area.

We had a private room. It was quite up market. It seems most "private rooms" in China are.

Can you guess what these are? Duck's tongue. I tried one but didn't like it. It has a crunchy texture. The locals love it though.

Fried Fish. Nice and crunchy.

The popular steamed chicken. Tender and tasty.

This vegetable dish is also another popular one. It's spinach with century egg. This is something different to what I am used to and actually nice.

This is a variation of one of my favourite Hokkein "Tau Ewe Bak" (pork in soya sauce). There is a Japanese variation as well. This Shanghai version is nice and a bit on the sweet side.

Rice served in bamboo. I found the addition of sweet corn to be nice. It's amazing how something so simple as adding corn to nice adds a new dimension.

This is Singapore Bee Hoon. It's nice but a bit greasy but I guess that's the way it should be.

This is some special soup that has been boiled all day. It has duck, ham and bamboo shoot. It was quite pricey compared to the other normal dishes. 

Fish fillets in spicy sauce. Another nice dish.

A bowl of the special soup.


Subash_india said...

Nice to see the restaurant .,This Restaurant name is Dr.Fu sea food . its below the Hangpu river bridge Pillar ,
Great food & different flavours .

CurryMee said...

Thanks Subash. I can't seem to find the name in Google though.