Monday, May 4, 2009

Grilled Fish

After watching "Master Chef" on TV I was inspired to whip up some seafood dish of my own.

This is the end result.
Grilled Pink Snapper with fried Cray meat.

Some Salsa, avocado, fried sweet potatoes, boiled sweet potatoes, green beans, brocollini and mash.

Restaurant in Sembawang 25/4/09

A friend of my flying days who is now a Captain with SIA took me and other flying school classmates to a restaurant he guaranteed was very good. It better be as it was way out in Sambawang. Parking was a bit tricky on a Saturday night but we managed to find a spot. We had to walk a bit though. True to his word every dish the chef brought was delicious.

The ladies fingers was sold out. My friend said that was delicious as well.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Not too oily. Well cooked.

Stuffed eggplant.

This porkbelly stewed with preseved vegetable (mui choi) was a hot.

The star of the night. Steamed "Soon Hock" fish head. The head was full of snow white tender meat.

Another favourite of the night. Sambal kangkong.

Singapore Putien Chinese Restaurant 23/4/09

A friend took us out for dinner at Putien Restaurant in Kitchener Road. I thoroughly recommend this place. The food is fresh and delicious. We had two appetisers, iced bitter gourd with honey and cold sliced pork. I believe the price is quite reasonable although we "kena belanja" and didn't pay.

Putien's Website

The herbal prawn soup was different and tasty. I wouldn't have imagined a prawn soup but it was well done.

We had honey glazed pork, crispy chicken, steamed fish, sizzling tofu, sweet and sour pork and a vegetable.

Food Republic Food Court Singapore 22/04/09

First day in Singapore so any local food is good! We landed at 3:30 am so checked into Crowne Plaza at Terminal Three. In the morning we went down to level B2 and found .. "FOOD REPUBLIC." Eventually we realised that this food republic is everywhere.. Vivo City, Orchard Road. The stalls are consistent and the food nice and clean.

I had the set chicken brani S$6. Good value.

My better half had the fish bee hoon.

My daughter had chicken rice. This one is a fussy eater so she didn't finish hers. I would assume not to her "standard."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hinz Chinese Restaurant - 12/03/2009

The previous owner of Golden Century has opened a new restaurant, HINZ. He said it was named after his grandson.
I would call this his signature dish. Snow Crabs in salted egg.

Noodles with Lobster.

Chilli snow crab with deep fried mantou and scallops steamed with ginger and vermicelli.

Family Pot Luck Jan and Feb 2009

Gado Gado.

More Gado Gado.

My often requested dry curry prawns.

Curry Prawns, Spaghetti and Enche Kabin.

Malaysian Kuih.

Japanese Jelly and Fruit for dessert.

Assam Prawns to go with the Nasi Lemak.

Assortment of Nasi Lemak dishes.

Curry dishes for the Nasi Lemak.

We had a family potluck in January 2009 to usher in the New Year and also another in February 2009 when we had family over from Malaysia.

New Year's Eve BBQ 2008

We had a food laden BBQ on new year's eve 2008 at my cousin's place. The weather was great, the company fantastic and the drinks never ending.

Thick and succulent steak. We roasted it in the oven first before finishing it on the BBQ.

Everything was "thrown on the barbie." Fillet of fish, corn, steak, sausages, chicken, squid and skewered scallop and bacon.

Lots of live crays to BBQ.

Marinated Prawns.

Sushi Platter

Went to a restaurant where we had "connection." Even though it was a western restaurant we managed to get some sushi. Helps when you "know people."

Teluk Intan - Lunch at local restaurant

Pork Spare rib (With marmite I believe. Some even use ovaltine. What would they come up with next)

Sizzling Japanese Tofu.

The buah petail with Sambal. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Lemon Chicken.

Kailan with Garlic.

I love the food in Teluk Intan. The dishes are the ones I grew up eating and they are cheap and good. In this instance the restaurant even cooked the "buah petai" my mum brought in with the "sambal" she prepared. We had to do that because the restaurant does not always have this dish and my mum knew it was my favourite!

Some Simple Home Made Food

Chocolate Cupcakes.

Prawn, smoked salmon, avocado and pine nuts salad. I make my own thousand island by mixing a bit of chilli sauce with mayonaise.

More Hokkien Mee

I get requested by my girls to cook Hokkien Mee all the time. This time it turned out well again so here are the photos. I was quite pleased with the colour of the soup.

Steamboat at Cameron Highlands

It was after my mum's birthday. We decided to go up to Cameron Highlands, a few hours away. The drive was pleasant. We booked the Equatorial Hotel apartment. It left much to be desired. The unit is run down and one of the bathroom flooded. The fold out bed which we paid for was not fit to sleep on. Yours truly had a sleepless night. The highlight of the trip was the steamboat dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel.

The night was cool so the steamboat was perfect. The vegetables were grown in the surrounding area do they were very fresh.

Steamboat. I love the different types of mushrooms.

The spread was quite extensive. It is charged per head. They are a few combinations you can choose from.

On the way down we stopped at a Tea Plantation and had scones and Teh Tarik. It was vey good.

BBQ at GG's Jan 2009

It was after the New Years. Decided to have a BBQ at GG's.

Sausages and Cray tails. No prize for guessing which was more popular.

Mum 80th Birthday

My mother celebrated her 80th in 2008. We flew back from Perth to Teluk Intan for that special Occasion. Dinner was at a popular local restaurant.


Birthday Noodles.

Lobster. It wasn't that fresh, unlike Perth.

Four Seasons Restaurant - Northbridge Perth

One of our favorites. Patagonian toothfish.

Complimentary Soup - usually pork ribs and lotus root

Combination Meats - Roast Pork and Roast Duck

Combination Meat

This restaurant is quite good and is one of the ones we go to occasionally. The speciality is roast meat as this restaurant is the result of the expansion of the old 'Roasting Duck." Some dishes are good and the price is not over the top. A meal for say 15 people cost us around $350.