Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marriott Sky City - Man Ho - January 2011

It was our last day in Hong Kong. We decided to dine in the Hotel and we felt like having Dim Sum again. The Man Ho restaurant served Dim Sum but they did not do it the traditional way from the trolleys. You ordered it from the waiter.
 In Dim Sum, the condiments play an important role. These are chilli sauces.
 I believe this is a dried shrimp chili paste. It is very tasty.
 Siew Mai and Har Kau.
 Lor Mai Kai.
 The Menu.
 Munchies to kept you happy while waiting for the food. This is peanuts.
 Cucumber pickles.
 Steamed rice flour rolls stuffed.
 The elegant table setting. This was a fine dining restaurant I think.
 The tea had a heating base.
 The wanton noodles was nice but can't beat Mak's obviously.
I love the egg noodles in Hong Kong. They are so springy.

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