Friday, September 16, 2011

The Goose - Busselton Jetty - July 2011

When I asked a friend where to have lunch in Busselton, he suggested " The Goose" which is located just before the start of the Busselton Jetty. It has a spectacular view of the jetty. The food is fresh and good. It is a bit pricey though.

The jetty is 2km long each way. We walked to the end and back. By that time we were good and ready for lunch.

 The Goose restaurant Busselton.

 View of The Goose from the jetty.

 I started lunch with a flat white. It is quite common for Asians to have coffee before or during a meal.

 Some nice bread to start.

Hamburger, with hand made chips!

 Tasting Plate.

Damper style bread and olive oil.

Fish and chips. The chips there were also hand made.

 Cajun chicken.

Seafood tasting plate.

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