Friday, September 16, 2011

Margaret's Restaurant - Australis Resort Margaret River

Margaret River is a town about 3 hours drive south of Perth. The area is well known for its vineyards, fresh produce and beaches. If you are there I advise that you book well ahead of time for dinner. Firstly, there aren't that many restaurants there and secondly they tend to close quite early.

We decided for convenience sake to dine in the restaurant at our resort. Well I think the word resort is stretching it a bit. The place is more like a two star motel.

The restaurant itself is quite plain but the food is surprising very good and reasonable. The steak and the lamb shank is $21. In Perth, it would easily be around $35 to $40.

It was a bittersweet dinner though. We waited one hour and forty minutes to get our food. At the end of the night the waitress did apologise. She said that one of the two chefs did not show up. She offered us a free round of coffee.

 Pumpkin soup. It was bland. i think the chef forgot to add salt.

 Fish and chips (again!) We had that for lunch.

 The steak was a good size, tender and tasty.

 Someone in our group was yearning for some rice and curry. This is beef curry.


 The lamb shank was very tender and virtually fell off the bone. The problem was the portion control. One of us had a huge serve and another had barely any meat on his one shank.

This serve has only one shank :(

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