Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leapfrogs - Wanneroo Botanical Gardens

I often scoff at the thought of "mini golf." Why not real golf? That was until I actually had a try. The miniature golf course at Wanneroo Botanical Gardens is actually very nice. The course is shaded by trees and run along nice bushes and a lake. The game itself is quite fun.

There is a nice restaurant in the gardens called Leapfrogs. That is actually very nice as well. Who would have thought? A day at mini golf turned out to be a great day out.

A new take on the BLT.

Lamb shank on a bed of mash. A perennial favourite.

Chicken nuggets and chips. 

 Dessert pizza. Never thought it could be so nice.

Steak sandwich and fries. For the real man.

These sweet potato fries look burnt but they are supposed to be like that. What's more? They were delicious; especially with the dip.

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