Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fuji Japanese Restaurant - Central Festival Shopping Centre Phuket

This is another restaurant recommended to us by our taxi driver Rid. The restaurant is located in one of the most popular shopping centres in Phuket, the Central Festival Shopping Centre.

The food is not only very good, it is also very cheap. The dishes range from A$4 to A$6.

 Salmon sashimi.

Ebi Tempura.

California maki rolls.

Ebi (prawn) tempura sushi with sesame seeds.

 My favourite is the grilled mackerel.

Chicken teriyaki.

 Agedashi tofu.

Beef in some sort of broth.

Green tea ice cream and red beans. I wonder who tried this first and said "hey, red beans goes really well with green tea ice cream."

We also bought some fruits from the supermarket. Pictured are guava, dragon fruit, longan, mango and what we call "chiku" (sapodilla) in Malaysia.

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