Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anson Park Seafood - Burmah Road Penang

This is a "chu char" (a la carte) seafood restaurant in Burmah Road. I would not exactly call it a restaurant. It's open air but with a roof. It's well known for it's fish curry.

I must apologise for the photos. This is one of those times when I am so hungry and the food is so good that I eat first, shoot later instead of the other way round.

Beans sprouts with salted fish.

Fried chicken in spicy sauce.

 Fish curry.

Fried clams (lala.)


There is still only one revolving restaurant in Penang. It sits atop what is now the City Bayview Hotel. It used to be the Merlin Hotel when I was growing up.

Going to the restaurant to have ice cream (especially banana split) was one of the most special treats we could ever have. So tonight we decided to relive those times by going there for dessert.

Things look different when you were a kid. Today, the hotel looks old and run down. The restaurant is not as impressive as I remembered. It is not even half impressive. The banana split, which we used to look forward to, was not worth finishing.

 The banana split.

View of Penang port from the revolving restaurant.

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