Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hong Kong - Crystal Lotus Restaurant - January 2011

As we were visiting Disneyland, we decided it was best to have breakfast either somewhere near or in Disneyland itself. We also decided we wanted to have Dim Sum (or Yum Cha as some people call it) since we were in Hong Kong, the birthplace of Dim Sum.

When we reached Disneyland, I asked one of the staff where I could get Dim Sum. She said I could go to one of the Disneyland hotels or to a restaurant inside Disneyland itself. We decided to go to the one inside Disneyland, "The Crystal Lotus" restaurant.

The food turned out pretty good and the price was reasonable.

View of the Restaurant

 Custard Bun. Notice the Mickey Mouse Logo.
 Bean Curd Roll.
 Rice Roll (Cheong Fun)
 Lor Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice)
 How can one have Dim Sum without Char Siew Pau (Char Siew Bun)
Har Kau (steamed prawn dumplings)

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Sa said...


I need to know to to make mickey logo on food as shown in the picture.

which tool I can use and from where I can get it.

Seeking for your help in answering me.

thank you