Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yoshiya Japanese Restaurant - Perth

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In my opinion, Yoshiya is the best Japanese restaurant in Perth. We have been going to this restaurant for the past couple of years. Aside from trying a few new dishes, we always order the same dishes.

The prices can be a bit on the high side but you know what? The food is worth it.

I thoroughly recommend this restaurant for good japanese food.

The facade of Yoshiya.

We always start the meal with the mixed shashimi.

The california maki is the best in Perth. It comes with lots of roe.

This tempura sushi is also the best in Perth. Seriously I have not had better.

 Agedashi tofu.

Teriyaki chicken.

Grilled snapper. This is another of my favourite. I think if there is a signature dish in this restaurant, this would be it. The skin is well grilled (but not crispy) and quite salty. I think some people might not like the saltiness but I love having the salty skin with my steam rice. The flesh is always white, soft and moist.

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