Thursday, October 13, 2011

Xingli Chinese Restaurant - Ritz Carlton - Shenzhen China

Xingli Chinese Restaurant Website

This is a very special moment in my life. My first ever meal in China! Returning to our ancestral homeland should have been a very emotional moment for me but I think I was too caught up in the excitement to even think about that.

I have to thank my friend Ray Ngai for making this trip possible, for his time, for taking me around and for his kind hospitality.

Now back to the matter at hand. It took Ray's driver a while to locate this restaurant as this was a restaurant that Ray had not been to before. Eventually we found it. It turned out to be a late dinner and the restaurant was nearly empty.

This restaurant serves Cantonese, Teowchew and Szechuan dishes.The meal cost about 800 RMB which is about A$130.

The classy table setting.

This is a very spicy Szechuan chicken dish. I found that the chicken in china are quite small and they are not very meaty. That's the way they like them in China as they enjoy the skin and nibbling on the bones. 

The menu.

Instead of the usual peanuts, they have chicken gizzards.

Some tofu nibblies.

Chilli and garlic dipping sauce.

Hmm.. pigeon. They don't have much meat.

Claypot tofu.

 Teowchew steamed fish.

This is something new to me. Chillies are used as vegetable. This is chilli and pork. Initially, I thought the green stuff was green beans but it turned out to be green chillies.

Stirred fried greens.

So? What did I think? The food was good while not being great but it was a good introduction to food in China!

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