Friday, October 14, 2011

Hua Cheng Restaurant - Dongmen

This restaurant is on Le Yuan Lu (Street), also known as Seafood Street as the whole street is lined with seafood restaurants.

My friend chose a restaurant that he had been to previously. The live seafood is displayed out front.  I cannot tell what some of the seafood were as I have never seen them before.

 This is the famous Shanghai Hairy Crab. They cost about A$30 each.I believe they are so expensive because the entire crab is filled with roe. We didn't have this.

 Some sort of giant slugs.


Mud crabs.

 Assortment of seafood.

 Some sort of bamboo clams.

Fish which I guess are cods and groupers.

 Slug like clams.

Lobsters and crays.
More seafood.

These slugs cost 78 RMB a kilo by the looks of it. That is A$13/KG.

This guy just walks around the tanks by stepping on the edges. He tops up and selects the seafood.

This is the restaurant across the street.

Looking down Seafood Street.

Pots of various soups.

The roast meat section of the restaurant.

The ready cooked food of the restaurant.

The Restaurant's business card.

The ever present peanuts. 

Again, preserved vegetables are served as nibbles.

The steamed chicken which is quite popular in Southern China.

The white stuff in the soup which I thought was tofu turned out to be coconut. It tasted quite good. 

Stirred fried chili bamboo clams.

I found this vegetable a bit difficult to eat. They did not cut it so you have a whole string of each stem which could be as long as one and a half foot!

Another type of clam but cooked in the same style as the bamboo clams above. We could have been a bit more imaginative.

The shrimps are simply steamed and they are very tasty.
Scallops in shell with black beans. They did not taste very fresh or very nice.

This meal cost us RMB240 which is A$40.

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