Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chunmanyuan Restaurant - Pavillion Tower - Shenzen

I spent my first night in China in the Pavillion Hotel Shenzhen. The next morning we wanted to try the dim sum in the Chinese restaurant downstairs. It was full and the wait was 45 minutes. The waitress told us there was another restaurant in the tower complex next door. There was where we ended up.

Shenzhen is in Southern China so one can find dim sum and cantonese food. Most people also spoke or understood Cantonese.

This Dim Sum meal costs us RMB240 which is A$40.

Most restaurants do not supply paper or cloth napkins. Instead they provide wipes. I find that taking photos of this or menu helps me remember the name of the restaurant.

Steamed greens.

Braised pork with lotus root.

Preserved bamboo shoots.

Pork and century egg porridge.

Barbeque pork rice rolls.

Prawn rice rolls.

Braised beef and melon.

Shrimp dumplings (har kow).

Steamed egg sponge cake.


Glutinious rice.

The glutinious rice had a bit of black glutinious rice mixed in. This is something new to me and I must say it was a nice touch. Loved it.

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