Friday, October 14, 2011

Han Palace Chinese Restaurant - Goodview Hotel - Tangxia

click for website of Han Palace Goodview Hotel

The Goodview Hotel in Tangxia is nestled beside a lake (man made I was told but I find that hard to believe). I would say it is in the class of say the Marriott or Ritz. My room was 880 RMB which is about A$135. It is a BARGAIN for the luxury!

We had a huge lunch so we decided to have a simple and light dinner at the Chinese Restaurant in the Resort.

Slow cooked herbal chicken soup. This is probably the most expensive dish I have had on this trip. Cost RMB 399 which is A$61. Apparently it has been cooking all day.

 A serving of the herbal soup.

Deep fried pork ribs.

First fried rice I had in China.

This style of vegetable is very common. Greens are cooked in a soup which usually has century eggs added.

Dessert was sago and yam.

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