Sunday, May 3, 2009

Steamboat at Cameron Highlands

It was after my mum's birthday. We decided to go up to Cameron Highlands, a few hours away. The drive was pleasant. We booked the Equatorial Hotel apartment. It left much to be desired. The unit is run down and one of the bathroom flooded. The fold out bed which we paid for was not fit to sleep on. Yours truly had a sleepless night. The highlight of the trip was the steamboat dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel.

The night was cool so the steamboat was perfect. The vegetables were grown in the surrounding area do they were very fresh.

Steamboat. I love the different types of mushrooms.

The spread was quite extensive. It is charged per head. They are a few combinations you can choose from.

On the way down we stopped at a Tea Plantation and had scones and Teh Tarik. It was vey good.

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