Monday, May 4, 2009

Restaurant in Sembawang 25/4/09

A friend of my flying days who is now a Captain with SIA took me and other flying school classmates to a restaurant he guaranteed was very good. It better be as it was way out in Sambawang. Parking was a bit tricky on a Saturday night but we managed to find a spot. We had to walk a bit though. True to his word every dish the chef brought was delicious.

The ladies fingers was sold out. My friend said that was delicious as well.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Not too oily. Well cooked.

Stuffed eggplant.

This porkbelly stewed with preseved vegetable (mui choi) was a hot.

The star of the night. Steamed "Soon Hock" fish head. The head was full of snow white tender meat.

Another favourite of the night. Sambal kangkong.


Anonymous said...

look yummy! care to share the restaurant name?

CurryMee said...

Sorry, didn't note the name.