Monday, May 4, 2009

Grilled Fish

After watching "Master Chef" on TV I was inspired to whip up some seafood dish of my own.

This is the end result.
Grilled Pink Snapper with fried Cray meat.

Some Salsa, avocado, fried sweet potatoes, boiled sweet potatoes, green beans, brocollini and mash.


Swee Hock said...

Interesting combination. Just wonder how the "fruits" blend with the main dish (seafood & vege).

CurryMee said...

Swee Hock
The only fruit I used was orange and that always goes well with fish.

Swee Hock said...

The avocado is a vegetable? Since it has a bland taste, I guess it should go well with tasty gravy. As for fish, most important it is fresh. Australia imports fish?

Cristina said...

Hello, I am Cristina and I live in Milan (Italy), I am a great lover of cooking, I like to cook is to eat, try new dishes, exotic and ethnic ... I like this blog, you can share the original recipes of our country that you say? I hope everything is clear, my English is a bit 'out of practice.