Friday, January 14, 2011

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

I love to eat Vietnamese Rice Rolls as it is both delicious and very healthy. There is hardly any fat in this dish. The only ingredient that might be considered a tad unhealthy might be the hoisin sauce used for dipping. The ingredients for this dish are:

1) Vietnamese Rice Paper. You can get this in most Asian Grocery Store
2) Prawns. Boiled, peeled, cleaned and sliced in half
3) Lean pork. Boiled and sliced thinly.
4) Beans sprouts. 
5) Rice vermicelli. Boiled
6) Lettuce
Dipping Sauce
Hoisin Sauce and crushed roasted peanuts
First prepare all the ingredients. To soften the rice paper, pour warm water on a plate with raised side and quickly soak the rice paper in the warm water and then remove.

Wrap all the ingredients in the rice paper like you would a spring roll.

The finished rice rolls

Ingredients for Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

If you don't want to use pork you can substitute with your pet rabbit. LOL. Just pulling my daughter's leg.

Rice paper comes in dry form and is inexpensive. A$2.20 per stack.

Some of the ingredients. Rice paper, pork, prawns and peanuts.

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Lrong said...

Sometimes we guzuk these rolls too... beree healthy as you said...