Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chicken Rice from a packet

This chicken rice is prepared using chicken rice ingredients from a packet. The brand is quite famous. It's called "Prima Paste" and you can see the packet displayed and sold in chicken rice stalls. 

It's fairly simple to prepare.

I boiled the chicken in water and the premix in the packet. Then I soak the chicken in ice water.

This chicken stand is very useful for draining chicken.

I chop the chicken up (mutilated actually) and place them on a bed of sliced cucumber.

Some Choy Sum in oyster sauce as accompaniment.

Very nice black soya sauce, ginger paste and chilli sauce from the packet.

The plated chicken rice

Another shot of plated chicken rice

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Lrong said...

Woah braddaaa... you gimme one plate awreadea...