Monday, January 10, 2011

South Sea Chinese Restaurant - New Year's Eve 2010

The Fitzerald Restaurant is a nice little restaurant on Fitzerald Street. Don't expect much decor as this place is a house converted into a restaurant. The dishes are surpringly good. We like it as it is away from the busy part of the city and parking is easy.

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Eight Treasure Duck. A very nice dish. The duck is boneless and filled with gingko nuts, lotus nuts, mushroom and chestnut to name a few.

Chilli lobster with fried man tou. I loved the sauce.

I thought it was a good shot of the chilli.

Crispy skin chicken. Always a favoutite

Stir fried garlic shoots

Home made todu with julliene of bamboo shoots. Home made? Served in a restaurant?

Stir fried kailan.

Steamed barramundi


Lrong said...

Bradaaa... food looks very good, especially the steam fish and the veges...of course, duck also lah...

CurryMee said...

Of course you would love the veges and the steam fish. You are such a healthy eater. Don't forget to floss. hehe.