Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20th Anniversary Dinner

Today is our twentieth wedding anniversary! My wife cooked me steak with baby carrots, asparagus and pan fried scallops. The steak was tender and juicy. It went really well with some English Mustard.

We will have dinner out at a nice 5 star restaurant on Saturday to continue the celebrations.


Tan Family said...

Not forgetting our two waitresses Michelle and Audrey who served and poured drinks.

thank you

Lrong said...

Pare, can appord ah!! Gimme pipttee!! Anyway, konguraaats alredeaaa... what is on the menu of the 5 star thingy?

CurryMee said...

First we went for a movie, Ocean 13. When we got to the restaurant, we were a bit annoyed not to have a table although we had booked in advanced. The restaurant even called the day before to confirm. Quite shabby I would say.

The place was full and quite noisy so there goes the quiet romantic dinner.

We wanted to have oysters (wink wink) but they were sold out.

We decided to go for the main course. My wife has veal and I had a seafood combination platter. I ordered a glass of Voyager Shiraz to go with my meal.

Wouldn't say it was a fantastic experience. The saving grace was the great company!