Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee or Har Meen)

I have been cooking Hokkien Mee for a while, by trial and error. I can get all the required ingredients in Perth.

The toppings include hard boiled eggs, sliced boiled pork and prawns.

I also like to use pork bones (bak kut). Both bones and soft bones.

The finished Hokkien Mee.


ah losy said...

wah lau eh .... lau nuar lah....
yummy yum ... checking my frequent flier see if i can fly in next week - tua chee also gian chiak - ho chiak lah

stooi said...

Ah losy
It was even better the next day! I froze some in the freezer for you so better redeem those frequent flyer points.

Sally said...

Well what can i say except BB is one lucky gal. Hey Tony, share yr hokkien mee recipe leh.

CurryMee said...

Thanks. But I only cook on weekends so she is not that lucky.

I have no personal recipe. It's from a Malaysian cook book. I just make sure there is a lot of prawn heads and pork bones in the stock.

Sally said...

Showed Tj yr blog and he was moaning and drooling over it esp the burger. He is a meat lover.