Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dinner at Gary's Place - 19th April 2007

Coconut milk with palm sugar, pandan leaves and sago is added to the steamed ingredients.

The main ingredients of pugat before the cocunut milk with palm sugar is added. This ingredients are steamed.

Yumi's sushi was also a great hit especially with the children.

Amy's sweet. It was very refreshing. It had canned longan, canned rambutans, nata de coco and grass jelly.

Sim made Lor Bak. The photo says it all.

Veron's often requested butter cake. This is fluffy and moist and is simply the best.

Gary's Fried Kueh Teow. He fried this outdoors using a portable gas stove. He uses dried chilli flakes. His Kueh Teow is as good as you can get!

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