Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Venetian , Macao (World's largest Casino)

You can take the TurboJet from Hong Kong to Macao. It cost HK$1,300 (A$173) for a family of 4 on Super Class (upstairs.) The service runs 24 hours and leaves every 30 minutes. The journey is exactly 1 hour.


The Venetian Macao
The Venetian

You are served some snacks (mostly desserts) on board the TurboJet. We had the same food on both legs.
The food court inside the Venetian. The "blue sky" is not real. It is just the ceiling. You will find blue skies such as these throughout the complex.

"Bak Kua" on sale inside The Venetian Complex.

Bak Kua

Dinner at the food court. This is burgers from Fatburgers. Notice you can get "Boost" in Macao. It's a long way for an Australian company to come.


Lrong said...

Braddaaa... was at that hotel for a conference two or three years ago...

Anyway, you may or may not be pleased, but forgive me for taking the liberty to nominate your blog for an 'award'... please free to reject if it is too troublesome to accept...

CurryMee said...

Brada Lrong

Award? I am humbled but probably undeserving. I only do this for fun.

You should nominate your own two blogs!

It was a pity I did not have more time to spend in the Casino or Macau for that matter. We were there for only 4 hours.

To quote one of your words.. Danke.

Olya Olegovna said...

Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this.