Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ha-Ne Sushi, Mongkok, Hong Kong

A man can't survive on noodles alone so tonight we decided to have Japanese food. We came across this restaurant as we were shopping in Ladies Market in Mongkok.

The food is quite good. The best dish of the night was the grilled mackerel.

California maki.

They don't use mayonnaise in the sushi unlike in Australia. That would have made this dish better.

Grilled eel and rice.

Eel and rice.
Green tea ice cream. They don't have red beans as accompaniment.

We thought this might have been yakitori but it turned out to be grilled chicken cartilage. The children didn't like it.

Grilled mackerel. Fresh and moist.

The menu

Salmon sashimi.

Sweet potato tempura.

View of street from restaurant.
Prawn tempura. It was served on rice. First time I have seen it served like that.

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Lrong said...

But, noodles I love alreadea... also unagi... saba... salmon...