Friday, February 26, 2010

Food Journey Through Malaysia - August 2009 Part Two

The last day in Penang. The only meal opportunity was breakfast. This was at Macalister Lane. Just before Burmah Road there are two coffee shops. You can go to any one and order from hawkers from any of the two coffee shops. Nice!

The Hokkien Mee was so delicious I forgot about taking the photos. By the time I remembered, it was half eaten.

Chee Cheong Fun.

The famous "Ah Hai" koay teow th'ng

This "Chia Hoo" is delicious! It was very crunchy and I ate the whole fish including the bones!

After breakfast we drove to Teluk Intan, my hometown. We stopped at Kampar to visit my uncle, and to saviour the "Kampar Chicken Curry in Bread."

The famous curry chicken that is served in a bread pocket.

Kampar famous chicken curry in bread.

We also had this noodle dish at the same restaurant. It was nice.
And vegetables.
Wat Than Hor. It was not that nice.

Dinner was at Pau Loong in Teluk Intan. This would be my favourite restaurant in Teluk Intan. The food is very good and the price reasonable.

Japanese Tofu.
Kai Lan
Steamed Fish Teow Chew Style
More vegetables.
Chilli Crabs. Only one or two had the roe.

Breakfast the next day was at a Bak Kut Teh restaurant.

Bean sprouts with Salted Fish.
Kai Lan with garlic.
Bak Kut Teh.
A nice Tofu dish. Quite elegant and unexpected at a coffee shop restaurant.
Sambal Fish.
Afternoon Tea at "Ipoh White Coffee." It's a new chain of cafes originating from Ipoh. Above is the "kopi."
Toasts with butter.

Next stop Kuala Lumpur. Had breakfast of "Pan Mee" at Bangsar.

Pan Mee. The noodle is made on site. Pan Mee is not popular in Panang, only KL. I think this is the first time I have had this dish.

I had this roti chanai with some classmates of mine. I think it was somewhere near Kuala Lumpur.
Lunch at the "Abalone Restaurant" in the building next to the KLCC. This is mini bok choy. This is an "upmarket" restaurant.
The roast pork was soft and the skin crunchy. It was delicious.
Wan Than Mee. Also very nice.

I also caught up with some classmates for lunch at the "Schezuan I" restaurant on the basement of "The Pavilion." One of my classmates recommended this place. The restaurant itself is quite nice and I enjoyed the schezuan food.

Peanut for starters.
The menu.
One of their famous noodles.
Fried Tofu.
Schezuan dumplings. There is actually soup inside the dumplings.
More dumplings.

I had dinner with some Penang childhood friends at a hawker centre opposite Bukit Bintang and left for home the next day. End of food journey.


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