Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Saturday Lunch at Meads South Perth

Fish and Chips $34.40

Crab and Fish Spagettini $30.10

Chicken Nugget from Kids menu for my daughter $10.21

Oysters Natural. Half Dozen $15.05

We decided to have a nice Saturday lunch at Meads Oyster Bar in South Perth. The restaurant was uncharacteristically quiet for a Saturday afternoon. The food was as usual up to par. If you are wondering about the unusual price of the items, it's because they have a 7.5% surcharge on weekends. A lot of places do that now but it's kinda sucks as restaurants are supposed to be mostly for weekends. Yet you get slugged..


Tan Family said...

The spaghetti looks delicious

Anonymous said...

Wow, the prices are steep! Cannot imagine paying USD 30.00 for fish and chips or spaghetti, crab meat not withstanding.