Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dinner at Royal Seafood Restaurant

Crispy Skin Chicken. You can't go wrong with this dish. The mince pork with salted fish is in the background. That wasn't bad either.

Fried Pig Intestine. This dish was a bit strong. We didn't eat much of it.

Kangkong (Chinese Spinach) fries with Sambal and Belachan.

Scallop with Snow Peas.

Tofu with Seafood.

Sea salt Prawn.

This restaurant on Aberdeen Street is new. The owner used to own "Hong Kong Garden" in Piccadilly Square, East Perth.

The decor is quite nice but the food is just ordinary. We had another two dishes not shown here, Clay pot Goat and Steamed Silver Perch.

Pan Fried Fish Fillet

One of the simplest and healthiest meal one can make is fried fillet of fish. I fry the fish on a skillet with lemon and herb. It is served with mash potatoes which goes well with fish and some blanched greens.
This meal is also very easy and fast to prepare. I add some prawn fried with a bit of garlic to complement the fish.

Eating Durian in Perth

The Frozen Durian comes with the shell

Frozen Malaysian Durian (Thawed)

Frozen durians from Thailand have been available in Perth for many years now. Recently my brother in law told me that frozen Malaysian durians are also available now.

The Thai durians sell for about $3 a kilo but the Malaysian ones are $6.70 a kilo. I bought one Malaysian durian to try. Fruit wise there were far less per the durian compared to the Thai ones. Also the fruit from the one I bought was a bit "hard" (Teng Thang in Hokkien.)

Personally I still prefer the Thai variety.