Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dinner at Royal Seafood Restaurant

Crispy Skin Chicken. You can't go wrong with this dish. The mince pork with salted fish is in the background. That wasn't bad either.

Fried Pig Intestine. This dish was a bit strong. We didn't eat much of it.

Kangkong (Chinese Spinach) fries with Sambal and Belachan.

Scallop with Snow Peas.

Tofu with Seafood.

Sea salt Prawn.

This restaurant on Aberdeen Street is new. The owner used to own "Hong Kong Garden" in Piccadilly Square, East Perth.

The decor is quite nice but the food is just ordinary. We had another two dishes not shown here, Clay pot Goat and Steamed Silver Perch.


Anonymous said...

Just a test to see if comments can be posted.

Curry Mee

Lrong said...

Can be posted lah, braddaaa.... food looks pretty good...

Peter said...

waah... hailam bradda.. just looking at your pictures makes my mouth water.

what's new? when i was back in Penang recently I saw that the Ice Kacang guy on Swatow Lane is now the "anchor" at a brand spanking new hawker center.

Still the same nice guy. Humble and mellow.

ah losy said...

very nice leh .... but i think you hokkein mee is better..